The Skaza Fiddle Studio

The Skaza Fiddle Studio hides a treasury of different string instruments: old, simple, modern or complex. In the workshop you can watch the process of making a new violin.

Working hours:

The tour can be previously arranged at this phone number +386 (0)41 434 775 (Pavel Skaza).


Spodnji Dolič 8

3205 Vitanje

A genuine countryside, Spodnji Dolič, just a few minutes' drive from the old Vitanje square centre, surrounded by spruce trees - which is essential! - hides the real fiddle studio of Pavli Skaza. Next to it is a workshop where the most prestigious string instruments are made according to the models of the old Italian masters. In his workshop, Pavli Skaza even repairs the instrument of Luka Šulić, one half of the famous Slovenian duo 2Cellos.

You will be impressed by:

  • the classical music from the old gramophone,
  • a 200-year-old specimen of Ludwig Fleischmann's string instrument from 1824 and other museum pieces,
  • a variety of complex and complicated procedures for producing a new violin in the workshop.

Did you know?

It is very important when we cut down the trees we will use for the fiddle. Pavli says it is best between the Assumption of Mary and the Nativity of Mary, or in August, four hours after the full moon. When the needles start to fall off and the leaves turn yellow, the tree should be cut down immediately. Then the wood must rest - for years. The spruce for eight years and the maple for full ten.

Pavli Skaza is a treasurer of fiddle knowledge and a true master of craftsmanship. You will immediately feel his love of crafts, while you will be overwhelmed by the tradition and impressed by its breadth.