Čutna pot na Rogli

The Trail of the senses is no ordinary walking path; it’s a path that awakens sense after sense, until you are one with nature.

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The Trail of the senses is right next to the small and pleasant Natura Hotel, on Rogla, and leads you into the forest. This is no ordinary walking path but a path that will awaken sense after sense until you are in harmony with nature.

You will walk barefoot through fields filled with the natural Pohorje materials from cones, to bark, and slate, to gravel. Subtle signs will show you the right places to look, listen, and smell.

You will understand all aspects of nature by using every one of your senses.

Do you still remember the sound of birds chirping and the forest rustling? When was the last time you were stung by a spruce needle? Do you still know how to distinguish one herbal fragrance from another? Have you noticed whether the forest floor is moist or dry today? Let your mind be calmed by the view of Pohorje’s exceptional nature.

Focus on yourself and your newly awakened senses. Educational boards wait for you along the way offering various tasks and advice on how to complete them:

  1. Go barefoot and, even better, close your eyes. Feel the material under your feet. Can you imagine what it's like - rough, cold, soft?
  2. Sit back and witness one of the most beautiful views on Pohorje.
  3. Take a deep breath and indulge in the scent of spruce and forest aromas.
  4. Step into the icy, crystal clear Pohorje water or refresh your face.
  5. Bring your hands closer to the anthill and test the natural disinfection of formic acid.
  6. Try the sweetness of forest fruits.