Educational Trail From one well to another in Vitanje

Take a walk through the Old Town Centre of Vitanje, among 9 wells, each carrying its own educational story.


LTO Rogla – Zreče, GIZ TIC Zreče

Cesta na Roglo 13b

3214 Zreče

T: +386 (0) 3 759 04 70


Vitanje wells have a deep double meaning. On the one hand they are the heritage of rich history, on which the Old Town Centre of Vitanje was built, and on the other it is of exceptional nature conservation importance for Vitanje's drinking water. This is essential not only for Vitanje, but also for the wider area, extending from Šentjur, across Dobje, Slovenske Konjice, Oplotnica, Zreče all the way to the place itself. The instructional boards along each of the 9 wells will reveal many points of interest and secrets of this small remote place.

Starting point: Noordung Center

Length: 3.5 km

Hiking time: 1.5 hours

Difficulty: easy

Points of interest: 9 renewed wells, Noordung Center