The Chizlakite Site in Cezlak

In Cezlak near Oplotnica, the only known site of chizlakite, the green plutonic rock, in the world is booming.

Cezlak above Oplotnica is a special place which has grown deep within Pohorje - exactly at the place where the »Pohorje gold« was found twice:

  • the magmatic, plutonic rock, called tonalite,
  • the indigenous green plutonic rock, chizlakite that has not been found anywhere else in the world.

The chizlakite: a proteus among rocks

The chizlakite is a slightly less resistant rock than tonalite. It is a magmatic rock composed of light and dark green particles, typically intersected by white, shimmering veins. Because the rock is indiginous only to Cezlak, it is also humorously referred to as a proteus among stones.

Where does the name chizlakite come from?

In 1939 Professor Vasilij V. Nikitin named the rock after the town Cazlak, which got its name after a farmer called Cezlak. In 1891, with the permission of the Windischgrätz family, who spent most of their time in Oplotnica Mansion and Trebnik Manor, Cezlak cleared the slope and started with breaking stone. Ever since then, the quarry has been operating to this day and is one of the best preserved handicrafts, however they no longer acquire chizlakite, only tonalite.

Did you know?

  • The chizlakite site and the abandoned quarry is called the Green Hernia by the locals.
  • On the south side, it is touched by the beautiful natural landmark Oplotnica Gorge.
  • Most of the granite cubes you have encountered in Slovenia come from Cezlak.