The Skumavc's Art Days and an Exibition on Resnik

The Skumavc's Art Days on Resnik are a summer art colony. Every year an exhibition of excellent works of art is created, which is on display throughout the year.


  • 2 € per person

Working hours:

The tour can be previously arranged at the LTO Rogla – Zreče, GIZ TIC Zreče, Cesta na Roglo 13b in Zreče.

T: +386 (0) 3 759 04 70


Every year, in the last week of June, a selected few renowned academic painters, who work tirelessly for 5 days, head to an elevation of just below 1000 meters to the inspiring Pohorje village of Resnik. Each time a rich art exhibition is created in the Resnik's House of Residents, which keeps impressing all year long.

The brush preserves the tradition of Jurij Vodovnik

The Skumavc's Art Days are an art colony that has been maintaining the poetry tradition of the poet Jurij Vodovnik since 2008.

In addition to Skumavc, the following well-known contemporary artists have also been creating at the literary days:

  • Veljko Toman,
  • Nikolaj Beer,
  • Tone Seifert,
  • Niko Ribič,
  • Rado Jerič,
  • Milan Lamovec Didi,
  • Viktor Šest,
  • Dušan Klun and others.

Who is Skumavc?

Marjan Skumavc helped to found a colony and he participated in it for the first four years. When he died in 2011, the colony was in his honour named after him. Skumavc was an Academic painter, Student Prešeren Award winner, a famous journalist of the Delo newspaper and a boxer.

The award for the best technical boxer was named after him at the World Cup Grand Prix in Slovenske Konjice.

Lovely Pohorje Village of Resnik

The small village on the south side of Pohorje is not compact, but a widespread collection of Pohorje farms with 150 inhabitants per 12 km2. The former school is now the center and the Local Residents' Home is the home to the colony's art exhibition. Right there you can find the statue of Skumavc.