The open-fire »black« kitchen at Church of St. Barbara

An Ethnological Museum of the open-fire black kitchen at the Church of St. Barbara is an authentic image of the Middle Ages.


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The tour can be previously arranged at the TIC Oplotnica, Goriška cesta 4 in Oplotnica.

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The renovated church caretaker's house, a tiny house, welcomes us in the immediate vicinity of the Church of St. Barbara in the municipality of Oplotnica. Although it is an ethnological museum today, the genuine authenticity of the open-air black kitchen at the Church of St. Barbara is inspiring as if we had crossed the medieval threshold and visited the true church caretakers of that time.

Proven to be from the Middle Ages

It can be deduced from the open-air black kitchen that the church caretaker's house is a genuine image of the Middle Ages, built in the 16th century, but also from the fact that the wooden beam in the "hijša" was not marked, as it was later.

As a typical medieval buildings, it is very simple and it has:

  • »hijšo«: a true farmhouse room with a bread oven, wardrobe, spinning wheel, sewing machine and bed,
  • »lujpo«, which connects the »hijša« with the open-air black kitchen,
  • open-air black kitchen and
  • cellar.


In addition to the Ethnological Museum, the old church caretaker's house today hosts activities and events that preserve tradition, rural customs and the original Styrian countryside.