The Vodovnik Collection in Skomarje

The Vodovnik collection in the village of Skomarje, named after the Pohorje poet, is the most authentic display of the life of people from Pohorje at the turn from the 19th to the 20th century.


3 € per person.

The collection can be seen as part of the Skomarje tour, including a guided tour of Skomarje House, Vodovnik collection, two presentational short films, the Church of St. Lambert and the grave of Jurij Vodovnik.

Working hours:

The tour of Skomarje can be previously arranged at the LTO Rogla – Zreče, GIZ TIC Zreče, Cesta na Roglo 13b in Zreče.

T: +386 (0) 3 759 04 70


The Vodovnik collection in Skomarje is the most authentic display of the life of people from Pohorje at the turn from the 19th to the 20th century, traditionally introduced to the religious education. The collection is set in the parish (faruf) at the Church of St. Lambert in the village of Skomarje, which is located above Zreče. At 924 meters above sea level, Skomarje is one of the highest-situated Slovenian villages with a prevailing rural population.

Who is Vodovnik?

Jurij Vodovnik was a folk singer and actor who was born (1791) and died (1858) in Skomarje. His mentor was no other than Anton Martin Slomšek himself. While being a chaplain of the New Church, he was gathering the local folk poets.

With simple poems, humorously inspired by the rural everyday life, he became popular both in his native village and far away, even in Carinthia.

People gladly looked at him as one of their own. While wandering around with a 'bottomless' basket, he helped them as:

  • a weaver, which he was by profession,
  • a people's vet,
  • an expert on herbs,
  • a singer and storyteller at home celebrations (pig slaughter, feasts and weddings), funerals, and at the vigil of the dead,
  • an organist, pilgrimage leader and assistant at church celebrations.

Did you know?

In Vodovnik's time literacy was extremely rare in the countryside! He was taught to write by his father, but he never stopped writing poems in his native dialect, which makes his creations even more outstanding:

I'm Vodovnik Juri,

I live in Skomro

in a ragged hut;

with windows four