Žiče Charterhouse

Žiče Charterhouse is a former monastery, once home of the "white monks". Today it is a place for relaxation, escape from the hustle and bustle, a concert or even a fairytale wedding.



 8 €

Groups of more than 30 people, students and pensioners

 6 € per person

Children under the age of 6


Children from 6 to 14 years of age

 4 €

Citizens of Municipality of Slovenske Konjice

 50 % discount on regular fees

Smart Glasses at Žiče Charterhouse

 12 € per person

School Groups Noordung Center + Žiče Charterhouse

 10 € per person

Joint ticket for the tour of the Žiče Charterhouse and the Noordung Centre (valid for 14 days from the date of purchase)

 14 €

Individual tours which include   audio guides are available in five languages.

Groups of more than 15 people to the Noordung Center + Žiče Charterhouse

 12 € per person

Surcharge for guiding

Groups with less than 10 people: 35 € per group

Groups with less than 15 people: 20 € per group

In a foreign language: 70 € per group

Guided night tour with torches (groups of more than 10 people): 50 € per group




Working hours:

From April to November:

  • MON: closed
  • TUE – SUN, holidays:

10 am – 6 pm (April - June and September, October)

10 am - 4 pm (November)

  • MON - SUN, holidays

10 am - 6 am (July, August)

From December to March:

  • SAT – SUN:

10 am – 4 pm (December – February)

  • FRI – SUN:

10 am – 4 pm (March)        


GASTUŽ INN at Žiče Charterhouse

The oldest inn in Slovenia that is still working.



The products presented during these tastings are of the brand names Zelišča (Herbs) from the Žiče Charterhouse and the Meglič Organic Farm, both belonging to the Tastes of Rogla.


Practical presentation of designing clay products by the professor and ethnologist Rok Komel.


To arrange a visit of the Gastuž Inn, Otakar's Sparkling Wine Cellar, Herbal Pharmacy Viva Sana and Pottery-Painting Studio, come to the office of the Tourist-information centre – TIC, Stari trg 27, Slovenske Konjice.

T: +386 (0)3 759 31 10

M: +386 (0)51 444 141

E: info@tickonjice.si


Žiče Charterhouse is a mysterious beauty which has been stirring spirits for centuries. Once between the forgotten years of 1160 and 1165, the Margrave of Styria, Count Ottokar III., who liked to visit Slovenske Konjice, ordered the construction of French Carthusians' home in the remote valley of St. John the Baptist. Since then the Žiče Charterhouse has been awakening specific energy. The respectful serenity and personalized peace rule there. It is a relaxing trip.

An interesting fact:

According to the legend of its origin, the monastery is also called Zajcklošter. The story of the legend will be revealed to you while wearing the smart glasses.


Explore with Audio Guides:

  • 4 permanent exhibitions about the history of the Charterhouse,
  • Otakar's sparkling wine cellar with ripening sparkling wine of Zlati grič,
  • Pottery studio (tradition with display of the handicrafts or a workshop),
  • Herbal Pharmacy with herbs from the Žiče Charterhouse,
  • Lush herbal gardens and the Gastuž Inn from 1467, a renowned restaurant with monastery dishes and beautiful weddings.


Concerts in Žiče Charterhouse

Although the life of monks in Žiče Charterhouse had died after the decree of the Emperor Joseph II., today this divine space is alive again. On Saturdays it is filled with touching wedding celebrations and some Fridays in the summer are dedicated to quality concerts: Summer music evenings in Žiče Charterhouse.


Žiče Charterhouse 360° Virtual Walk