The Noordung Center

The Noordung Center in Vitanje discloses secrets of the universe through virtual reality, screenings and exhibitions.

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Vitanje, a small rural village, hidden between Vitanje Karavanke and Pohorje, hides a futuristic object, designed according to the Herman Potočnik's idea of Space Station, the Noordung Center, which takes you to the world of infinity.

Who or what is Noordung?

Herman Potočnik Noordung, who is connected with Vitanje via maternal roots, was a futurist, rocket engineer and pioneer of astronautics and cosmonautics. In 1929 he wrote a book The Problem of Space Traveling - a Rocket Engine (Problem vožnje po Vesolju – Raketni motor), which greatly inspired the modern space engineers to develop space-travel technologies.

The Center of Space Technology: even and especially for the amateurs!

The Noordung Center promotes space technologies and human achievements in space. Virtual reality, simulators and projections are complex technologies that offer effective insight into the mysteries of the infinite universe. The Noordung Center is also a great learning space for children about experiences in space.

Check out one of the permanent exhibitions:

  • Herman Potočnik Noordung. Understand the visionary and his most famous idea - a lounge bike.
  • Slovenia in Space. Some Slovenians have left a huge impact in space - get to know them!
  • Images of the Earth. Check out what the green planet looks like from space.
  • Life in Space. Learn how astronauts eat in zero gravity and what soup looks like in a vacuum.
  • The MOON – a giant leap for the mankind. Learn more about the Earth's only satellite.
  • The Solar System. Get the right idea of the size of the planets and check out the meteorite casts.


The Noordung Center 360° Virtual Walk