The Park and the Old Laundry of Oplotnica

On the land which used to belong to the Windischgrätz gentry, Oplotnica offers the sights of a real laundry which was replaced by washing machines in the 1970s.

At its centre, Oplotnica hides a perfectly preserved laundry in the middle of a green park, through which flows a very lively stream of the same name, also called Oplotnica. During the time of the Windischgrätz gentry, there was also a wooden Wool Factory next to it.

As stream keeps rippling, you can stroll along a perfectly preserved loundry, which was planned during the World War II by the Austrian mayor Karber. At this, once important gathering village place, you will almost see between the chairs and tables what the craftsmanship of Oplotnica looked like:

  • dilligent village laundresses,
  • those with more vivid imagination also washers of the bowels during pigs slaughters.

Did you know?

In Pohorje regions pig slaughter (koline) is called fúrež.

A tip for the new experiences:

A part of Oplotnica is also a picturesque Oplotnica Gorge, carved into the rock.