Forma Viva Zreče

Take a walk among the forma viva sculptured artworks in which Zreče joined together academic artists and blacksmiths.

From the early 1970s, starting in 1973 and until 1989, interesting metal sculptures were created, which were basically the result of the collaboration between the academic sculptor Vasilij Četković (Vasko) and Marjan Osole, at that time the managing director of Unior, the 100-year-old company with more than 2000 employees.

At the Forma Viva Zreče sculpture symposiums, the tradition opened artists' imagination: the materials that 'bring dough' to the table in this town of Lower Pohorje are:

  • iron,
  • steel
  • and artificial grindstones.

Artists and workers joint together

In addition to Četković, works of art were made by the following sculptors:

  • Moma Vuković,
  • Tone Lapajne
  • and Dušan Tršar.

Not only the artists, the Zreče workers were directly involved in the creations, the real blacksmiths who contributed to the right shapes of the statues, according to their experience in metalwork, which, as part of Forma Viva, present the contribution to the brand name of the national importance.

A Tip: Check out the sculpture works of Forma Viva as the part of the Heart's Educational Trail!