The old Vitanje square centre

Where the countryside meets space technology, there is a tiny hidden square centre and the second home of Herman Potočnik Noordung - Vitanje.

Working hours:

To arrange a group tour (at least 10 people) come to the LTO Rogla – Zreče, GIZ TIC Zreče, Cesta na Roglo 13b v Zrečah.

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Although Vitanje is mentioned in written sources only in 1306, the marble blocks on the doorsteps of the houses in the square indicate, that the small town in the basin of the Hudinja River, was already formed in antiquity. The first houses were built around the parish church of St. Peter and Paul. In the 11th century, the bishops of Krško lingered here. The Vitanje gentry, originating from them, erected:

  • the Old or Upper Castle
  • and later also the New or Lower Castle.

Did you know?

Near the Upper Castle there is a 5-meter waterfall, called Žimpret, also known as Dante's Hell.

Marble is not from anywhere!

The old German name for Vitanje, Weitenstein, means Vid's stone. Very close to the small Church of St. Vid on Hudinja, there once was a rich deposit of this white stone.

Why 3 shells?

On the slope of the Vitanje Karavanke which are of volcanic origin (hence the marble!), below the hiking trail to Paški Kozjak, a distinctive, Vitanje coat of arms with three shells, was formed. According to the legend the valley was once covered by a lake.

Ironmongery, glassmaking and woodwork

Vitanje, once an important outpost, has moved away from it over the years. The locals took over what they were most familiar with. They took over the following crafts:

  • ironmongery (metal),
  • glassmaking (glass) and
  • woodwork. The latter is still testified of by tradition: the annual event Holcerija.

What does the universe have to do with it?

The grandfather of the great futurist, Herman Potočnik Noordung, was born in Vitanje. He gifted the mankind the book the Problem of Space Travel - The Rocket Engine. The plan for the human habitation in space, which he described in it, inspired the architects who erected the Noordung Center Vitanje.