Church of St. John the Baptist, Žiče Charterhouse / Slovenske Konjice
14. Jun. 2024 / 20:30

The Silence duo enjoys cult status among the audience, thanks to the impressive body of work by Primož Hladnik and Boris Benko, ranging from classical music to electronic, pop, music for theatrical productions, films, and collaborations with Laibach. In Žička Kartuzija, they will present their fifth studio album, "The Vocabulary of Madness," the first in ten years. It serves as a guide to the universal language of madness, which we all speak fluently, especially when it is not our intention. At the event, they will showcase the entire new album along with a selection of older works.

Primož Hladnik – keyboard, Boris Benko – vocal, Igor Vićentić – piano, Matej Čelik – sound.

More information about the event can be found here.

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