“Mountain River” rustic cake

NP restavracije d.o.o. (Gorska reka – Mountain River)

Loška Gora 5A, 3214 Zreče, Slovenia

T: +386 5 916 79 36

E: gorskareka@gmail.com


Serves: 2 people

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Level of difficulty: moderate


  • home-made dough made according to the mysterious “Mountain River” recipe
  • home-made sausage, for the stuffing
  • onions
  • semi-hard cheese
  • semi-hard cheese with herbs
  • home-made mouflon salami home-made
  • cottage cheese
  • home-made pumpkin oil


For this home-made cake, you will need high-quality dough made according to the mysterious “Mountain River” recipe (the dough rests for a minimum of 12 hours). The dough can be bought by prior arrangement from “Mountain River”. Stuff the cake with home-made and high-quality ingredients from local farms. Roll out the dough. Cover it with the other ingredients. The cake is ready to be baked. In the original recipe, the cake is baked in a wood oven. If you can’t bake it in a wood oven, bake it at a high temperature in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes. As soon as it is baked, drizzle it with homemade 100 % pumpkin oil.