dr. Aleksandra Golob
03. Sep. 2020

The e-bike is a nature-friendly and innovative way to get around. It’s an increasingly inspiring mode of transport to supporters of sustainable development. If you’ve ever tried riding one, then you’ll know first-hand how impressive it is. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time to take a light ride on an e-bike along “green trails” and to feel the wind in your hair. Riding an e-bike is both comfortable and ecological, while cycling with it is an easy, pure joy.

In the Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination, we emphasise the experiential and sustainable development of tourism. This has been the focus for several years now, which is why e-bike rental is also possible here:

By providing e-bikes, we want to encourage both locals and visitors to take on a more active and healthy lifestyle. Attractive package “Travel by e-bike through Rogla-Pohorje” has been prepared by us for you, combining a ride full of views with a tour of natural and cultural sights.


Why set out to discover a destination by an e-bike?

  1. Riding an e-bike is extremely comfortable.
  2. The e-bike enables a very safe and stable ride.
  3. You can ride an e-bike quickly and easily.
  4. The e-bike is friendly to you and the environment.
  5. Riding an e-bike is pure joy, so you can fully enjoy the view.


If you are restless, eager to explore and find new adventures, then explore, feel and enjoy Rogla-Pohorje with an e-bike.