How to make a fruit bread?

08. Apr. 2020

Karolina Črešar is a tourism ambasador of our tourist destination. She is an active member of Society of Female Farmers “Zarja” and she was a president for many years. Slovenians remember her acting in the reality show of “Farm – a new beginning”.


In addition, Karolina Črešnar bakes bread in a wood-fired oven, which has been awarded for several times. Besides she likes to share her knowledge in different bread baking workshops for children and adults. "For many years I have gained experiences and I am proud that I am recognized by my Fruit bread. I just simply enjoy in this work and in my opinion good will and love lead to success.", Karolina said.

She also shared her recipe for Fruit bread with us.


Fruit Bread made by Karolina Črešnar

50 dag flour type 850

10 dag rye flour (optional)

1 cube of yeast, water, salt

15 dag dried plums

10 dag apricot

10 dag figs

5 dag walnuts

5 dag raisins

15 dag apples

10 dag pears



Knead the dough and let rise for a while. I usually weigh the dough and add the same quantity of fruit. Cut apples and pears and soak in wine, soak the rest of dried fruit in rum, best over night. After rising I add fruit and knead carefully, I let rise and form a loaf. I place it into a basket covered in flour and let rise again (for at least an hour). Bake in a wood-fired oven or in an electric oven for 55 to 60 minutes.


Enjoy... :)