A mini guide for the first running ventures

Member of The Organisational Committee of The Konjice Marathon
13. Sep. 2019

 It would be a sin if the inhabitants of the Dravinja Valley or its visitors did not use the green areas, drawn by nature, only a short distance from the same magnificent urban hamlets.

Rather seriously: How to start?

Answer these 3 questions. 1. What am I already doing for myself? 2. What am I afraid of? 3. What

is my goal? 1. Most people take too little time for themselves. 2. An average person is afraid that they will not finish the run. Look at it from the other side; in the European Union itself, 50 million people run at least occasionally. If they can do it, you can do it too. 3. If you do not have a goal, set it – in this way you will have a higher motivation. For example, this year I will run 10 kilometers in the Konjice Marathon on 29th September 2019.

Everything is much easier with the goal

Now it is time to start training. You need running shoes and some test trainings. In order to recognize the progress with ease, choose a permanent route, in our case let it be the route of the Konjice Marathon on the attached map. „Do not rush: be accompanied by friends and run in a rhythm which still allows you to chat. If you are not able to do it, continue with the fast walk and after a minute or so speed up again into the run. In any case, you are faster than those on the couch!“, running is encouraged by the conceptual leader of the Konjice Marathon, Anton Noner. Do not focus on fatigue; listen to the birds and feel the wind rushing through the green branches.

                                                 zemljevid maraton


Dravinja Valley is running for the seventh time

This year marks the fabulous seventh time in a row of the best-rated running event in Slovenia  (according to the Athletic Association of Slovenia) - the Konjice Marathon or The Marathon with soul.

Last year they introduced the all-Slovenian novelty: the Music Marathon. They invited the musicians to join them, then chose the top 10 and set them along the route. Thus, AT LEAST on each kilometer you are awaited by a new musical surprise and running motivation. Last year Matej Banovšek ran the

10 km as the first musician in the world who was constantly playing the song Golica on his accordion. He dedicated all the money he gathered to the therapeutic colony of children with cerebral palsy of the Sonček Association.

Choose the Marathon with soul

The first 1,000 runners of the Konjice Marathon (reserved only for 1,500 runners, the registrations were closed early last year) will receive a small gift: an excellent JOMA running shirt and an original local gift package, including the Majnik Healing Herbal Salt. The visitors can buy the salt at the  destination and can also make an amazing isotonic beverage with it. The salt from the Majnik Herbal Garden was proclaimed a culinary souvenir by the Tourist Association of Slovenia and bears the mark „Tastes of Rogla“. The run is beautiful - do not miss it.

The natural isotonic beverage helps running

You can truly prepare a completely natural isotonic beverage for yourself to help you regenerate after the run. Squeeze the juice of 1 (preferably organically grown) lemon and add half a teaspoon of the Majnika Herbal Salt in 1 liter of water. The organic Majnik Herbal Salt contains the traditional, unrefined salt from Piran and 19 different herbs and spices. This is a perfectly natural and simple isotonic beverage which will help you recover the electrolytes you have used during the run. Cheers!