You are invited to Destination Pohorje, a 1,543-meter-high natural oasis with vast forests, the Šumik primaeval forest, clearings and pastures, the unspoiled waters of Pohorje, waterfalls and peat bogs with small lakes, the largest butterfly in Europe and other valuable animal species. In addition to the area’s exceptional natural habitat, Pohorje offers many opportunities for outdoor sports activities and excellent local cuisine.

Now is the time for my Slovenia, now is the time for Destination Pohorje.

Information and reservation

Travel agency Pohorje turizem Slovenska Bistrica,

Romihova ulica 75

T +386 (0)2 843 0550 ali +386 (0)31 647 444 ,

Package includes:

  • a 4-hour family ticket for Bike Park Pohorje,
  • a return ticket for the cable car in Maribor,
  • a warm meal on the first day,
  • tour of the Old Vine House and a tasting of 3 wine samples,
  • 2 x overnight stay with breakfast in the family room of Hotel Draš Maribor ****,
  • family ticket for Bee Flight Zipline (one ride),
  • a picnic basket on the second day,
  • bicycle rental in Maribor (up to 4 hours),
  • lunch at Tourist Farm Arbajter,
  • a family ticket for the Treetop Walk on Rogla in Pohorje,
  • 2 x overnight stay with breakfast in the family room at the Hotel Brinje*** Rogla with the possibility of swimming in the pool at Hotel Planja and using other activities according to the programme provided by the company Unitur,
  • lunch at Koča na Pesku on forth day,
  • a ride down the Zlodejevo sledding area,
  • a tea party on the Sensual Path,
  • a family ticket to Center Noordung,
  • 2 x half board in the family room of Lukov dom ****,
  • activities for children and adults in Kope according to the programme and a one-time entrance to the wellness centre,
  • half-day rental of two e-bikes in Kope,
  • organization of the programme.


Package price:

  • 1,390.00 EUR for a family of 4 (2 adults + 2 children up to 14 years)

(347.50 EUR per person for 7 days or 49.70 EUR per person per day)


Payment due on-site: tourist tax.