Active experiences with local culinary of Pohorje

You are invited to Rogla-Pohorje, where you will "explore, feel, enjoy" every step, view and taste. Here, underneath the southern slopes of Pohorje, will be inscribed in your heart forever. We are sure you’ll be thrilled by the many natural and cultural treasures you will discover with us. Among other things, you will enjoy the many flavours of home-made culinary delicacies and wash them down with a superb drop of wine that matured in the area.

Information and reservation

Tourist agency Pohorje turizem Slovenska Bistrica,

Romihova ulica 75

T +386 (0) 2 843 0550 ali +386 (0) 31 647 444 ,


Logo Pohorje Tours


  • 2 x bed and breakfast in Hotel reAktiv, Zreče, (double rooms),
  • picnic on Rogla on the first day (basket of house delicacies from TK Arbajter),
  • entrance fee for the Pohorje Treetop Walk,
  • descent on the Zlodejevo Sledding Area,
  • dinner at the Smogavc Inn (first day),
  • lunch on the second day at the Polenšek Excursion Farm,
  • tour of the cellar + wine tasting in the Andrejc Wine House,
  • entrance fee for the Noordung Center tour,
  • dinner at the Pod Roglo Hotel on the second day,
  • Minatti coffee, e-bike rental for 9 hours,
  • a tour of the Zlati Grič Wine Cellar and wine tasting,
  • lunch at the Homestead Forbar, a local tourist guide on the third day,
  • organisation,
  • basic accident insurance.


Price includes:

  • 240.00 EUR / person with the participation of 8 people


Surcharge on arrival: Tourist tax.