Group programs

Pohorje Treetop Walkway and the Silent Tale of Žiče Charterhouse
Group Tour Package

V the Pohorje Treetop Walkway and take a step inside the mysterious world of Žiče Charterhouse which became the home of monks from the French Grand Charterhouse in the 12th century. Feel the special energy of the place, its peace, tranquillity and intactness of nature. 

You will be thrilled by: 

  • 4 permanent exhibitions,
  • Žiče Charterhouse with smart VR glasses, which will take you to those parts of the Charterhouse that are no longer there, and will bring to life the legend of its beginnings
  • Charterhouse basement where the sparkling wines of Zlati grič mature,
  • Display of the old crafts by the master of pottery
  • Heritage of herbalism: herbal gardens and the shop of herbal concoctions
  • Gastuž Inn, the oldest still working inn in Slovenia from 1467.
Pohorje Treetop Walkway and Traces of the Past in Zreče
Group Tour Package

Take a trip to Pohorje Treetop Walkway and explore three museums in Zreče.

You will be thrilled by:

  • Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Poljčane-Slovenske Konjice-Zreče, where you will see the real locomotive that once ran the tracks with its freight cars and a passenger car,
  • Ošlak Forge, one of the rare well-preserved monuments of the old forging industry which was formed approximately in 1770.
  • 100 Frankolovo Victims Museum in Stranice with its high-quality exhibition commemorates one of the biggest Nazi crimes.
Pohorje Treetop Walkway and Space Adventures in the Noordung Center
Group Tour Package

Visit the new attraction Pohorje Treetop Walkway and make a trip to the Noordung Center, which is located in the heart of the green municipality Vitanje. In this unique building on the world-wide scale you will experience lots of interesting exhibitions.

You will be thrilled by:

  • meet the Slovenian genius Herman Potočnik Noordung, the pioneer of the space travels,
  • find out which Slovenian companies are leaving a significant mark in the space industry,
  • witness with your own eyes what an astronaut’s lunch looks like,
  • find the model of the Galileo satellite,
  • become a space traveller for a while with the help of a unique interactive room Space 360,
  • taste the highly realistic experience of travelling into space and piloting the spacecraft in the space simulator of flying called Electri VR,
  • take a walk among the planets of our solar system with VR Noordung.
Pohorje Treetop Walkway and Hidden Tale of Skomarje
Group Tour Package

Visit the new attraction Pohorje Treetop Walkway and make a trip to Skomarje House, the most important cultural monument of this area in the small village of Skomarje, one of the highest-situated Slovenian villages, which still consists mostly of rural population.

You will be thrilled by:

  • The Skomarje House is culturally significant because of its late medieval smoke house and a more advanced house with an open-fire black kitchen
Pohorje Treetop Walkway and the Treasury of Adventures of Zlati Grič
Group Tour Package

Take a trip to Pohorje Treetop Walkway on Rogla and conquer the nearby wine-growing Škalce hills, gently touching the town of Slovenske Konjice. The famous picture of the hills, intertwined with charming vineyards hides its core and the storage of the golden product – wine - within the Zlati Grič Wine cellar.

You will be thrilled by:

  • Guided tour of the mighty building that perfectly blends with nature,
  • Wine tasting of wines that received the Tastes of Rogla quality brand
  • Opening “Konjiška penina” (sparkling wine) – knightly with a sabre of course!
5-star day: between treetops and streams of beer

Experience a popular adventure in Styria - adventure that you can explore, feel and enjoy all in one day.

On top of sport resort and climatic spa Rogla stands a magnificent, more than a kilometre long Pohorje Treetop Walk which leads you between the tops of Pohorje spruces while passing educational and adrenaline stops along with a 37 metres high tower.

Still in Styria, but in the plane end of Lower Savinja Valley, you will get to know the story of the green gold – hops. Theoretical part in the Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry in Slovenia, and practical part by tasting 3-times a 1 dcl glass beer mug, choosing between six aromatic boutique beers from the Green Gold Fountain. Cheers to freedom!