We invite you to explore the unseen of the Rogla-Pohorje destination.

Do you know how the invisible becomes visible? We do this with stories, solving puzzles and revealing the secrets. The guided tour across the Pohorje-Rogla destination is meant for all adventure enthusiasts and their adult “assistants”. 

Information and booking:

LTO Rogla-Zreče, GIZ - Tourist Information Centre Zreče

Cesta na Roglo 13b

3214 Zreče


T 03 759 04 70

Above the town of Zreče we will look under the several hundred years old soil, leaves and roots.

In the hidden valley, we will learn who had to be silent for most of the year.

And we will save the Old Town Square of Slovenske Konjice from great danger.

Together, we will reveal the unseen. A guided adventure Revealed by Stories Untold is a one-of-a-kind experience for families that awakes the adventurous spirit and promotes teamwork.


The adventure includes:

  • Transport
  • A guided adventure with a tourist guide
  • A Carthusian-style snack at the Gostilna Gastuž restaurant
  • The entrance fee for the Žiče Charterhouse
  • A cup of Minatti’s coffee at the Tattenbach Pub
  • Ice cream at Mali Čoko


For 2-8 persons

PRICE: from 90.00 EUR/person

Book at: booking@rogla-zrece.si