Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination received the bronze sign of Slovenian Green Destination

02. Sep. 2019
The Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination has applied for the national call of the Slovenian Tourist Board to promote the introduction of a sustainable business in tourism, called the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (ZSST) - Slovenia Green.

To this date, it already consists of 51 destinations, 34 providers, 4 parks and 2 travel agencies that successfully obtained the Slovenia Green sign. The Green Scheme of the Slovenian Tourism is a holistically designed national system for promoting the development of sustainable tourism in Slovenia in all pillars of sustainable development; environmental, social and economic.

At Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination we thus joined the destinations which evaluate their sustainable business in tourism using the international Green Destinations Standard tool. This enables us both national and international comparability and recognition. On our way to the Slovenian Green Destination sign, through various activities, we have been collecting data on the sustainability of the development of our tourism and raising the awareness of the local population, economy, visitors and other stakeholders about the importance of sustainable tourism.

Immediately after entering the Green Scheme, we designated the green coordinator, Urška Firer from LTO Rogla-Zreče, GIZ, who was responsible for coordinating and executing the entire application. As a tourist destination with as many as four municipalities (Oplotnica, Slovenske Konjice, Vitanje and Zreče), we have been the pioneers in Slovenia. Almost 80 members of the »green team« helped gathering the necessary data of various areas: destination management, nature and landscape, environment and climate, culture and tradition, social climate and companies for business in tourism.

Through a comprehensive guided process of access to and later membership process, we gained a precise insight into the sustainability of our destination in the area of tourism, and thus received the sign Bronze Slovenian Green Destination. The next step will be to preparare an action plan, which will be taking into account the current findings and guidelines that will constantly help us improve the sustainable business of the destination.

With the Slovenia Green Destination logo, we will position ourselves in the Slovenian, European and global markets as an environmentally and socially friendly destination. It should be emphasized that at the destination we have already acquired three Slovenia Green Accommodation signs, namely: Hotel Atrij Superior Terme Zreče, Hotel Natura Rogla and Tourist farm Urška.

A “green (environmentally and socially responsible) destination” is not just a project of an individual tourist organization. It is something that can only be achieved by joint effort of all residents in a destination. We are the most crucial factor in this process. If we know how to create an environment in which we feel good, then it will certainly be kind to the people who visit us. Sincere congratulations to all of you who have helped to win this sign through your lifestyle and work.